Ph.D Mathematical Analysis of Nuclear Thesis - 1962 Imperial Collge,London University ;U.K (1958-1962)
D.I.C(P.G)(Mech.Engg) Thesis - 1962 Imperial Collge,London University ;U.K (1958-1962)
D.I.C(P.G)(Math) Thesis - 1960 Imperial Collge,London University ;U.K (1958-1962)
M.Sc(App.Maths) 1st Class (1951)(PU) Islamia College,LHR
B.Sc(Hons)(Maths) 1st class/First- 1949(PU) Murray College , Sialkoy
Matric 1st Div.- 1945(PU) S.M High School, Sialkoy
Nuclear Power Reactor Design Calculations(on IBM Computers




Dates  Position Held  Department/Organization/Institution
2002-to date Professor of Mathematics KIET, Karachi
1995-2002 Professor of Mathematics(Teaching B.E & CS) Usman Institue of Technology,
Hamdard University , Karachi.
1998-1994 Professor of Mathematics(Teaching B.E & M.E ) PN Engineering college, Karachi
1986-1988 Professor of Mathematics(Teaching BBA,BCS & MBA ) Canadian School of Management,Karachi
1966 – 1986 Professor of Mathematics & HeadHum & Sc.Dept PAF College of Aeronautical Engg.Karach.(Now at Risalpur)
1961 – 1966 Assoc.Professor of Mathematics(Teaching B.E & M.E & Research) University of Engg & Tech. Lahore
1953 – 1961 Assoc Professor of Mathematics Islamia College , Gujranwala
Publications 7 Publications


1."Application of Perturbation to Quantum Mechanics. “DIC Dissertation, Imperial College, London (1959)

2."Analysis of Properties of Nuclear Reactor Lattices Containing Voids and Neutron Absorbers" Ph.D Thesis, London University, London (1962).

3."Effective Neutron Velocities for Kinetic Equations". Document No EMT/P.24, Atomic Energy Establishment, Winfrith, U.K. (February, 1962).

4."Ombrellaro Type Cross Sections for UO2-Graphic Assemblies”. Document No. ETM/P-25, Atomic Energy Establishment Winfrith, U.K (March 1962).

5."Economic Status 50 MWE Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant"/Proceeding of World of Power Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland (September, 1964).

6."Generalization of Galanin Method for Nuclear Reactor Lattice", Journal; of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Vol.IV, No 2 (October, 1964 Lahore).

7. Multiploes in a Square Reactor Lattice”. Journal of Natural sciences and Mathematics.  Vol V, No 2 ( April 1965)