KIET Education Support Fund


KIET Education Support Fund has been launched to provide financial support to academically brilliant and/or financially challenged prospective or current students of Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology. KESF is a conglomerate of some benevolent individuals and organizations who openly or anonymously want to promote teaching and learning in our society. KESF not only facilitates students in getting high quality education it also indirectly helps the institute in educating aspiring students and ensuring that no compromises are made in the acceptance of students due to financial considerations.
We strive to ensure students continue their pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence without being handicapped by the paucity or unavailability of funds. Academic excellence has the greatest impact on our decision for the award of support; however, a few purely need-based applications are also entertained as long as students meet minimum academic requirements. Currently we are focused on the promotion of graduate studies and offer various scholarships, fee waivers, interest-free loans as per the specific requirements of the applicants. For details, visit our website.
Our long term objective is to have an endowment fund to promote science and engineering education in Pakistan. We believe that nation building requires qualified, competent, honest people who empathize with the less-privileged and truly understand their problems. By helping deserving people in their academic aspirations, we believe, we are taking a big positive step in developing such workforce of professionals who not only will have the qualification and competence to solve the problems of society, but also will be compassionate to do it.
KESF is managed by Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE) faculty who pursue donations from various people and organizations through their personal and professional contacts.
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