Funded Research Projects - KIET : Status Overview

       Total Funding 2012-2021Rs 161.8969 Million
S NoFaculty (PI)Industry PartnerProject TitleFunding SourceAmount Allocated (Rs. Mill) Date of Approval Project DurationProject Status / Remarks
2021Rs: 52.383Million
23Dr Salman A KhanThe Future of Artificial Intelligence in Wind Energy for Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study on the Design and Analysis of Nature-inspired Algorithms for Wind Farm Layout Design Using Real Data from Saudi Sites.PMU Research Grant : Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia0.852021-09-2812 MonthsIn-Progress
22Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedA project of IC design from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), KamraPAC KAMRA1.62021-06-2208 MonthsIn-Progress
21Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedZhejiang University, ChinaIntegrated Bio-GMI Sensor and ElectronicsPakistan Science Foundation (PSF)6.92021-06-0436 MonthsIn-Progress
20Dr. Salman A KhanLeveraging Remaining Useful Lifetime Estimation of Electronic Systems for e-Waste Management and Cost-effective Schooling in Developing CountriesODA Research Seed Fund (University of Liverpool)0.4
(GBP 1750)
19Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedEmergTech (Private) Limited (Mr Ejaz Tayyab)Point-of-Care Electronic Test Kit for Rapid Detection of Pathogens using Graphene-Transistors as BiosensorsNCAI14.4672021-03-01 18 MonthsIn-Progress
18Prof Dr. M Khalid KhanDataLog (Mr Humayun Qureshi)
A Deep Learning based Automated Defect Detection System for Manufacturing IndustryNCAI10.2872021-02-1818 MonthsIn-Progress
17Prof Dr. Muhammad Bilal KadriPAFA project of PAF on UAV LocalizationPAF2.92021-01-25 12 MonthsIn-Progress
16Dr. Shahid BaqarForce Instruments (Mr Abdul Ghani)
Manufacturing of Full Flight Motion PlatformNCRA14.9792021-01-0118 MonthsIn-Progress
2020Rs: 14.168Million
15Dr. Husain ParvezDigitek Engineering (Mr Fasahat Husain)
HETRO-CloudNCBC13.96892020-12-2918 MonthsIn-Progress
14Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedKIETSmart Electronic Vaccine DispenserKIET0.22020-01-01 2 MonthsIn-Progress
2019Rs: 16.175 Million
13Prof. Dr. M Khalid KhanDataLog (Mr Humayun Qureshi)
IoT Based Air Quality Monitoring System With Smart DashboardsHEC-TDF7.032019-05-02 2 YearsIn-progress
12Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedA Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer System for Portable Electronic DevicesHEC-NRPU8.22019-04-01 2 YearsIn-Progress
11Dr. Sarmad SheikhBio Radar for Heartbeat DetectionHEC-NRPU0.52019-03-019 MonthsCompleted
10Dr. Sarmad SheikhDesign of GPS Anti-Jamming Antenna SystemHEC-SRPG0.4452019-03-19 8 MonthsCompleted
2018Rs: 37.4 Million
9Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedAeroTrain, USADesign and Development of an ARINC 429 TrainerAeroTrain-USA0.62018-10-011 yearCompleted
8Dr. Taha JilaniA Real-Time IOT based Healthcare System for Elderly PatientsHEC-SRPG0.52018-09-18 1 yearCompleted
7Dr. Adil LoyaPAFIndigenous development of a FDM of an aircraft for full flight simulatorPAF32018-05-1118 MonthsCompleted
6Prof Dr. Syed Arsalan JawedKACST, KSA
Monolithic CMOS Microsystems for Structural, Chemical and Bio Hazard DetectionIGNITE33.32018-01-01 3 YearsIn-Progress
2016Rs: 14.67 Million
5Prof Dr. Muhammad Bilal Kadri(Supported by KMC Fire Fighting Dept)
Design and development of Intelligent Mobile Robots (IMRs) for disaster mitigation and firefightingIGNITE14.672016-04-01 2 YearsCompleted
2013Rs: 13.8 Million
4Dr. Imran Naseem, Dr. Husain ParvezDesign and Development of an FPGA-based Multi-Scale Face Recognition SystemIGNITE13.82013-09-012 yearsCompleted
2012Rs: 13.3 Million
3Dr. M Mohiuddin, Dr. Husain ParvezDesign and Development of Application-Specific FPGA/Reconfigurable Hardware GeneratorIGNITE13.32012-06-012 yearsCompleted
Total: Rs. 161.0469 Million
National Research Centres (NRC) Affiliated Labs
2Prof Dr. Arsalan JawedNanotech Engineering LabNRC42Approved / Funds not released
1Dr. Imran NaseemGIS and Space ApplicationsNRC54Approved / Funds not released
Total:Rs. 96.85 Million
Participation / Research Carried out by Faculty of KIET
Dr. M Rashid, Dr. Husain parvez Design and exploration of Logic Intensive Reconfigurable Architectures and related CAD toolsUniversity Umm-al-Qura, KSA52.0 (4.4)2015-01-012 yearsCompleted