Dr. Atif Aziz

PhD (Malaysia)
MSMS (Malaysia)

Work Experience:
• Senior Lecturer at The Vision School.

  1. SmartPLS, 2 Days workshop jointly organised by Institute for Professional and Academic Development (IPAD) and School of Bussiness Management (SBM), University of Utara Malaysia(06th March – 07th March 2016)  4. Seminar on sustainable interest-free microfinance: experience from the Akhuwat model in Pakistan Islamic Center Hall, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) (23th November 20014).  5. Faculty Branding , Conducted by Dr Damien Morgan from Monash Australia.(18th Nov, 2018)  6. Skills required for Graduate Students conducted By Dr Shoaib Riaz from Monash Australia. (20th Nov, 2018)  7. SmarTPLS sessions Conducted by Dr Waheed Umrani from IBA Sukkar, (18th OCT,2018)  8. Zotero Session conducted by Khurram Adeel Shaikh from Bahria Univeristy Karachi (5th Nov,2018)  9. Writing on Case Studies Conducted by Dr Tariq Jalees from PAF-KIET. (05TH May,2019).

To teach students in their respective fields. To facilitate faculty members in preparing class tutorials. To conduct training and mentoring students.  Subjects to be taught (University level)  • Strategic Management  • Human Resource Management  • Training and Development  • Advanced Research Method  • Personal skills development  • Strategic Human Resource Management  • New product development  • Methods in Business Research  • Principle of Management  • Entrepreneurship

Email: atif.aziz@pafkiet.edu.pk