Molecular and Nanoelectronics group

The University of Manchester, UK.
This collaboration encompasses technical help in the physical device modeling and provision of measured data. The M&N will accommodate researchers from KIET for stay of varying length at the University of Manchester providing accessibility to their various research facilities. 

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia. 
This collaboration entails provision of office and access to measurement facilities to the visiting scholars from KIET. 

Institute of Microelectronics, University of Vienna, Austria.
Technical help in the physical modeling and the use of MINIMOS-NT software will be provided and visiting scholars from KIET will be accommodated at the University of Vienna for research. 


 Smart Networks Research Group (SNRG)

Computer & Communications Security Laboratory, Korea University, South Korea.

Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory, Kyung Hee University, South Korea.


Data Mining and Visual Analytics Group

University of Bordeaux 1 
We have close working relations with the MaBioVis research team at LaBRI (Laboratory of Research in Computer Science at Bordeaux), University of Bordeaux 1, (France) in view of exploring new research dimensions and sharing knowledge, expertise and resources in the area of Data Mining and Visual Analytics

University of Paris 1
Visual Analytics has found many useful applications in the domain of geography and this working relationship focuses on applying data mining and visual analytic methods on geographical data at the Géographie-Cités, University of Paris, France.