PhD Electronic Engineering \ Computer Science Eligibility

Policy Updates

  • 1st Nov, 2012

PhD Programs Offered at GSSE:

PhD Computer Science

PhD Electronic Engineering


Post graduates in Engineering and Sciences from HEC recognized institutions that have;

  • A minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 (or overall 60% marks) or equivalent
  • A minimum of seventeen years of schooling that corresponds to MS / M.Phil or equivalent degree from HEC recognized institutions.
  • National Testing Service (NTS) GRE subject test need to be cleared with minimum 60% cumulative score
  • Interview conducted by the Institute
  • In case the NTS GRE Subject Test is not available than institute will prepare the test on the same pattern for the particular field with a minimum of 70% cumulative score..  
  • Meet all HEC stipulated requirements.
  • The Graduate School may stipulate prerequisite courses to be completed by applicants not meeting the five-year university level study requirements or not having the relevant background to bring them equivalent to the requisite university education requirements

PhD Degree Requirements

On acceptance in the PhD program, a Doctoral Committee consisting of the primary supervisor and four other members is constituted by BASR to supervise the research and to ensure compliance to the HEC requirements. Two members of the doctoral committee must be researchers with International standing and repute from developed countries. At least one member of the committee may have expertise in some other area of specialization. 

Students having MS/M.Phil or equivalent qualification require a minimum of 48 credit hours to complete the requirements for a PhD degree consisting of Dissertation work and course work. 

•           PhD course work requirements consist of six graduate level courses (18 credit hours) with minimum two independent research study courses.

•           Dissertation work requirements consist of a minimum of 30 credits. 

In addition to credit hours’ requirements, a PhD student must complete the following requirements for the award of the PhD degree: 

  • Clear PhD Proposal Defense.
  • Publish at least one paper in an ISI web of science indexed journal. An official acceptance of the paper will also be acceptable.
  • Approval of PhD dissertation by two foreign faculty members from developed countries as per HEC listing.
  • Open defense of PhD dissertation.
  • Clear any other HEC requirement
  • All requirements for a Doctoral degree must be completed within seven years.


PhD Proposal Defense

A student working towards the doctoral degree has to defend his/her research proposal. The proposal defense is conducted at the completion of student’s course work. Advancement to candidacy is contingent on clearing the proposal defense.

PhD Candidacy

A student passing the PHD Proposal Defense is formally admitted as a doctoral candidate. Doctoral candidates must continually register in Research course till they fulfill the PhD degree requirements.

PhD Dissertation

PhD dissertation is a significant con­tribution to knowledge based on the candidate’s own investigations. It must show a mastery of the literature of the subject and be written in scientific literary form.

Open Defense of PhD Dissertation

On successful completion of doctoral research and fulfillment of the publication requirement, the PhD candidate will appear in an Open Defense in which the candidate is asked to present the Dissertation to the Doctoral Committee in which outside researchers and experts are invited for an independent evaluation. The dissertation defense is open to all. 

With the approval of the Doctoral Committee, the candidate may submit the final draft of the PhD Dissertation on prescribed format to the Doctoral Committee members.

The examining committee consists of the student’s doctoral advisory committee and any additional members, including professors from other institutions, whom the office of the BASR may recommend.

Residence Requirements

Residence requirement for the Doctoral Degree is 30 credit hours. Deviation from the residence requirement requires a petition to the BASR.

Time limit

All requirements for a Doctoral degree must be completed within seven years.