Advanced Fundamentals of Semiconductors

Course Title:                Advanced Fundamentals of Semiconductors
Course Code:              EE-6201
Credit Hours:               3
Pre-requisite:               First course of Physics at University-level. Students should have strong background of basic electronics.

Aims & Objectives:
The understanding of electronic device characteristics and their performance in a circuit depend on their underlying physics. To fully understand and appreciate their working principles, it is imperative to study these devices from carrier transport perspective giving deeper and more insightful picture of their terminal characteristics. This course introduces basic concepts of solid state physics, crystallography and fundamentals of carrier transport mechanisms in semiconductor devices. Students who have attained the knowledge as per the course contents should be able to:

  • Draw band diagrams at thermodynamic equilibrium of simple device structures including Fermi level in different regions of the device based on doping etc.
  • Include the effect of biasing on the band diagram
  • Workout simple transport problems using Continuity Equation based on boundary conditions.
  • Apply Poisson Equation and solve the Electrostatic problem of PN junctions
  • Derive transport equations of the BJT under certain simplifications like low-level injection and depletion approximation.


Recommended Books:

          • B. Streetman. Solid State Electronic Devices. 5th or later edition
          • R. F. Pierret. Semiconductor Device Fundamentals. 2nd or later edition
          • S.M. Sze.  Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology. 2nd or later edition