Advanced Digital Image Processing

EE-6102 Advanced Digital Image Processing
Semester: Fall 2011
Credit Hours: 3 + 0

Name: Dr. S. M. Monir


  • Undergraduate course in Digital Signal Processing or consent of the instructor.
  • The students should be fluent in C, C++, or MATLAB.

The course provides the understanding of the theory and applications of image processing algorithms. The course is beneficial for the students who wish to pursue research in the area image processing and/or pattern recognition.

Text Book:

  • R. C. Gonzalez, Digital Image Processing, third ed.

Reference Books:

  •  R. C. Gonzalez, Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB.

Weekly Course Breakup


Week Contents
1 Image Processing – The big picture
2 Digital Image Fundametals
3 Intensity Transformations
4 Point processing (Spatial Filtering)
5 2-dimensional Discrete Transforms
6 Image Processing in Frequency Domain
7 Discrete Wavelet Transform and its application in Image Processing - I
8 Discrete Wavelet Transform and its application in Image Processing - II
9 Mid-Term Exam
10 Color Image Processing
11 Image Compression – I
12 Image Compression – II
13 Image Segmentation – I
14 Image Segmentation – II
15 Example Applications

Marks Distribution:


Each student will be assigned a separate project. Performance of the student will be evaluated based on final report, presentation and viva.
In addition to the final report and presentation, the student’s performance will be judged regularly during the mid-term and final exams.
Assignments will be given time-to-time during the semester. The weight of each assignment will depend upon the difficulty level of the assignment.
Mid-Term Exam 20
Final Exam 40