Research Projects and Publications

Funded research projects


PhD Thesis Publications

Sno Student Name Year PhD Thesis reports
1.  Khalid Khan 2016, Dec  


MS Thesis Publications

Sno Student Name Year MS Thesis reports
1.  Saba Javed 2013, Oct Piecewise linear fuzzy sliding mode control for AUV
2. Faizan Javed 2014, Dec  
3. Ali Asghar 2015, June Diffusion Based Placement Algorithm for Reducing High Interconnect Demand in Congested Regions of FPGAs
4. Shujaat Khan 2015, July
5. Waqar Ahmed 2015, Aug
6. Baqar Raza 2015, Sept
7. Yasir Mehmood 2016, Oct A 12-bit 80 MSamples/sec Pipelined SAR ADC
8. Ali Umair 2016, Dec Implementation of Galois Counter Mode Encryption and Authentication for 100Gbps High Speed Ethernet on FPGA
9. Maarij Raheem 2016, Dec High Throughput, Fully Parallel, Pipelined FPGA Implementation of LDPC Decoder
10. Rija Hassan 2017, July Fruit Maturity Estimation based on Fuzzy Classification
11. Sameen Anas 2017, July Computer Vision based Fruit Grading System based on Fuzzy logic and Artificial Neural Networks
12. Ayesha Hassan 2017, Aug A 200MHz Rectifier-Less High-Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Circuit based on Quadrature Oscillator and Improved Backscattering Communication
13. Asma Mahar 2017, Aug A 200MHz Wireless Power Transfer System with Enhanced Backscattering Communication using two different High Efficiency Regulated Rectifier Configurations
14. Naveed 2017, Aug A Fully-Integrated Ultra-Low Power Temperature Sensor in 150nm CMOS Process
15. Aaquib Shahbaz 2017, Aug
Design and Analysis of Monolithically Integrated CMOS MEMS based
Tri-axial Capacitive Accelerometer with ROIC Design
16. Sofia Yousaf 2018, Feb
Sensor Fusion of GPS , INS and Odometer for Robot Localization


Conference and Journal Publications by research group