MPhil in Bussiness Management

M.Phil is a specialized research oriented program designed specifically for people who have a passion for research and want to develop their career in academia. The objective of the program is to equip the students with the skills and the knowledge required for writing research papers and publishing them in refereed Journals and continuing their journey towards a doctorate degree. Two of the required eight courses are independent study based courses written under the guidance of a supervisor which may consists of literature review of papers written within a specific topic area. Exemption in these two courses (equivalent to 6 credit hours) is allowed in lieu of publications in any local or international journal. Presentation of paper at a conference subsequently published in the conference proceedings may also be acceptable subject to the approval of the management


     Eligibility for this program is a master’s degree with a minimum of 16 years of education having a passion for


Year01  Cr-Hr 
Literature Review Methodologies 3
Advanced Research Methodologies  3
Quantitative Techniques 3
Quantitative Research Methodology 3
Qualitative Research Methodology 3
Application Software Packages for Research   3
Independent Study-1* 3
Independent Study-2* 3
Thesis    6
Total Credit Hours 30


Curriculum Structure
Area Cr. Hr
Literature Review 3
Quantitative Research 6
Qualitative research methodologies 6
Computer application to Resesarch 3
Independent Study 6
Thesis 6
Total Credit Hours 30


*indicates exemptions on these courses allowed in lieu of research papers published in academic journals or read at international conferences.
Location: City Campus :The curriculum Structure, duration and scheduling of each degree program are subject to change without notice.