MS-Management Sciences

The MS program is specialized program focused in one particular disciplinary area within the field of Business Administration .PAF KIET offers a wide range of disciplinary specializations in their MS Program including, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. MS course requirements typically take one year plus to complete.


Admission in to MS Programs:

Graduate Program committee supervises the admission process for applicants to MS Programs. Applicants must pass (I) GRE or NTS entrance examination, (II) Graduate admission interview, and (III) Meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Eligibility for MS Program: 4-year formal university level education of bachelor/master degree (BBA 4 years, M.A., M.Com, MBA) from a HEC recognized institution in a relevant field.

Additional Requirements:
A student who does not meet the eligibility criteria may undergo Buisness Administration core courses as applicable.

Course Work:

Mandatory Coursework:
1. Advanced Research Methodology
2. Strategic Marketing
3. Econometrics
4. Managerial Policy

Specialization Courses:

  • 12 credit hours or 4 courses from the specialized area.
  • 4 credit hours of thesis work.

Total Courses:

8 courses, equivalent of 24 credit hours and 6 credit hours of thesis.
Total Program: 30 credit hours.


This involves a challenging research effort that adds value to the degree and distinguishes the MS graduates from ordinary course-based master degree holders. The objective of Thesis research work is to enable the MS student to apply theoretical knowledge and techniques to solve managerial problems experienced by organization for which he or she is working.

  • Thesis has to be successfully defended in front of the Project Committee to complete the MS requirements.
  • Full-time students can complete MS project in a minimum of the one regular semester; depending upon the commitment, regularity and time-effort; a working student may complete the process in eight to ten months.
  • However, a student may extend the research work (although it is not recommended) for up to a maximum of two years. In that case, the student must remain continuously enrolled in the project course (3 credits) in each semster till the completion.