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With a mission to be a research-led university, KIET has a rapidly developing and vibrant research ecosystem consisting of world-class researchers, facilities, stakeholder engagement, and administrative support system. KIET research output has grown qualitatively and quantitatively year-on-year which is reflected in the university’s international stature, rankings, and ability to attract funds and influence. While being the custodian directorate for the research strategy, policy, and sustainability initiative, the Research Directorate at KIET also provides operational support for sponsored research projects, publications, journals, conferences, international visits, and more.


Research Publications

GSSE coordinates the teaching and research activities under the HEC guidelines for all MS/PhD students of College of Engineering, College of Computer and Information Sciences and College of Management Sciences.

  • Applied Controls and Power

    Numerous challenges pertaining to the incorporation of diverse energy sources such as coal, gas, nuclear and renewable, in particular, solar and wind into large integrated electrical networks.

  • Signal Processing

    We aim to address the most challenging research problems faced by the signal processing community. Cutting edge technologies such as face recognition, watermarking, and wavelet analysis are the primary focus of the group.

  • Data Mining and Visual Analytics

    The data mining research community has seen a drift towards the utilization of visual representation of information for analytical reasoning, knowledge extraction and decision making.

  • Embedded System

    The design and exploration of reconfigurable architectures, related CAD tools, and FPGA-based systems design. We have received 13.4 million PKR funding from ICTRnD to conduct research.

  • Smart Networks

    Computing research community has focused more on smart, ubiquitous and pervasive computing rather than personalized computing.. The idea is to make it easier to use for the human beings while providing more services to them.